how to submit a form to some other site with hidden type parameters in Outsystems?

Hi all,

I am new to OutSystems. My requirement is to submit a form to a particular site url with parameters of hidden type. How can we achieve this in OutSystems?

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Davinder Kaur

Hi Davinder,

Could you give a bit more detail, is the 'particular site url' a site build with OutSystems or build without OutSystems?



Hi Davinder Kaur,

Your question has slightly different answers depending on what type of application you are building.

For Traditional Web, you can submit to a particular site URL by using a Button or Link with their Destination set to the Common\ExternalURL, with its URL set to the particular site URL you need:

For Reactive Web and Mobile, the same principle applies, but the way you do it changes slightly. You would use a Button or Link, where the On Click event is handled by a RedirectToURL, where you pass the target site's URL as input parameter.

In order to pass hidden parameters, I suggest you look at this post that covers that.

Welcome to OutSystems and hope this helps!