How to setup basic authentication for SOAP web service consumed via .NET Extension

Hello Outsystems developers,

I am consuming SOAP web service through .NET extension. I am calling the extension action in Service Studio and it works perfectly. Now I need to add credentials provided by the other company for authenticating the web services.

Do you have an idea how can I do that to pass the credentials to .NET extension action? 

I tried to use the built-in actions ( SetWebReferenceCredentials) mentioned in this article but I got the error below which means these actions are meant to be used for  soap web services consumed directly in Service Studio not through .NET extensions. 

Any ideas ? 

thanks and regards,

Hello Maitha,

Sending the credencials as input parameters to the Extension isn't a solution for you? Have you tried that?



Hello maitha,

As Tiago mentioned you need to pass uid/pwd as input parameters in your extention.

Also you can store them as site variables or in database in outsystems. I would suggest you to encrypt them when storing and passing to extn.