COVID-19 Community Response Update - April 20

Hello Community! 

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and wishing you a great Monday ahead.

As we are not announcing an idea today, we would like to provide you with an update on what we have been working on for the COVID-19 Community Response Program.

With three remaining infrastructures we can provide support for, we're almost at the finish line! We want to make sure we reach the most potential with these remaining projects and have been more cautious deciding which ideas we will proceed with. We continue analyzing all the ideas coming through and have some on our radar, but we are doing our due diligence in understanding the impact they will have and the efforts required for them to become reality.

Additionally, we are collaborating with our Channel and Partner Success teams to understand how we can leverage current projects we are working on to internationalize to different geographies. We will work closely with our Partner ecosystem to identify potential synergies.

Finally, the generic Forge component, inspired by Stemcell’s Staff Safety App, is finally live! The Employee Wellbeing Tracker is a free app that will help OutSystems customers manage the health and safety of their employees during this global crisis. You can check it out on Forge (app and back office) or read more about it on our blog post.

Stay strong and stay safe, folks!

Thanks for this sharing Andreia.

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Hey Andreia...

It would be so cool that you can see the potential of this idea :)


It could be something really meaningful...