Good community, I have a project for a store that delivers products via delivery.

It is true that the development in outsytems is fast, that is why I want to use it as my front and my back would be another language where I would create the services that record data.

Within the outsystems application, I would only use the local storage option, the camera and GPS plugin

The login and data records would be done from another service outside the platform.

I do this to avoid restricting the number of users that the platform gives us.

What I do not know is if this would bring me problems in the future after generating the apk.

I do not know if in the free version after generating the app something happens or something is deleted.

I understand that if we do not use the platform for a while it goes into greenhouse mode and the projects are eliminated, but what happens to the apk that has already been generated?



help! :c

Hi Cristian,

The personal environment is not made for production use. It is just for learning purpose and become handon with the platform.

You can still you OutSystems to develop you application frontend but there no performance guarantee. So your apps might become unresponsive some times.

So I would suggest you to not use OutSystems personal environment for your production application.

HI Cristian,

I would like to add few more things here on top of what Nikhil suggested , The personal environment is an offering of Outsystems to evaluate the platform and to do some hands on. It also has limitation of 2 GB size of database and once consumed you have to clean your environment by deleting old data espaces etc. 

In order to opt platform for production you should go for a licensed version , you can choose any edition which fulfill your requirement.