Convert eMails Services 4.0.x to 5.0.x

Hi Everyone,

i'm new using OutSystems! I'm trying to use Absences Manager in Platform Server but one of it's requirements is using eMail Services to manage emails from a centralized way.

The issue i'm facing is: I can't publish "eMails Services" because it was designed to be used with platform server 4.0.1 and i'm using 5.0...

Anybody have any idea how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,

Pedro Gonçalves
Hi Pedro, 

welcome to our network.

I've just downloaded the email services solution available @, unzipped, double clicked the eMailServices_v4_1_0_Partial.osp file and clicked on 1-click Publish button and had no problem with that.

I have the same version as you do.

Although email services was design to be used in 4.0.1 you can easily upgrade just opening the espace in service studio or upload and publish in service center.

Let me remind you that in 5.0 version there is a new approach on sending emails, you can see it in this video

Hope this message helped you.

EDIT: you can download this version in attached is already upgraded
Hi Ricardo.

Thank you very much for your quick answer.

I tried to publish "eMailServices_v4_1_0_Partial.osp" but no success too! this happened because some time ago i've installed service studio 4.0... to update eSpaces published with previous version because i couldn't do it with and the OS by default was opening the wrong "Solution Pack Tool".

Now i can publish it! Just one problem by now! Intelectual Property Error!!

I've already registered the file you've sended in but i haven't received the email with the file as supposed!

But i'll wait for it!

Thanks for your quick answer!
Pedro Gonçalves
Check your spam box to see if it is there.

If it takes too long to receive the file please contact OutSystems Technical Support >