How to find, what is the error in process event as shown in environment health portal

The above is a screenshot of Environment Health from the ServiceCenter portal.
I am unable to find the events which have an error as count shown above.

Kindly help me, how to find the error, so I can solve it and reduce the count of error in the events column.

Thank In Advance.

Aakash Pandey


You can install Business Activity Monitor from the Forge to see the details of all BPT processes.



Hi Aakash,

AFAIK that column monitors BPT Entity Action Events. So each time you set an entity action to issue process events, when you create or update an entity, an event is issued for all processes and activities.

I'm not sure if these are visible in Process Monitoring (Monitoring >> Processes menu in Service Center). Make sure there aren't any errors or warnings in one of your processes or activities.