Introducing 8 New MVPs! Join me in Welcoming them

Although the world feels a bit upside down right now, that didn’t stop us from rewarding a new group of people with OutSystems MVP awards.

The MVP award is an individual award that celebrates and recognizes the efforts of skilled and committed community members.

The MVP program, now in its fourth year, has seen consistent growth around nominations and MVPs in the past few years.

Meet them below:

Afonso worked for several consulting companies before joining Fortrevo. He has over five years of experience with OutSystems and leveraging his role as a Tech Lead, he's helped a variety of companies in building their OutSystems solutions in fields like banking, human resources, and tech.
Main contributions areas: Forums and Forge.

Amal works for Headfitted (India & Denmark), where he heads their OutSystems practice and is responsible for training, presales and project execution,  in addition to evangelizing OutSystems.
Main contributions areas: Organizing User Groups, evangelizing at universities, Forums and Forge. 

Ana has been working with OutSystems since 2008 as a developer and delivery manager. She has worked on projects for several industries from the public sector and retail to banking and financial services. She’s now with ITUp, working as a trainer and as coordinator of training.
Main contribution area: Organizing User Groups. 

Caio is a full stack developer, and has been working exclusively with OutSystems technologies since 2015. He’s currently an OutSystems Consultant at Digital Alchimia (São Paulo - Brazil) taking the roles of Senior OutSystems Developer and Tech Lead.
Main contribution area: Forge. 

Daniël started coding as a hobby at the age of 10. Before he started a career in IT, he studied to be a certified electrician and also a marine engineer. He’s a full-stack developer nowadays and started with OutSystems in 2015.
Main contribution area: Forums. 

Eric is a former architect (of buildings) turned Developer. He started his journey with OutSystems in 2016, working in South Africa. Currently, he is at Risa-IT in the Hague.
Main contribution area: Organizing User Groups and Meetups.

Rafael started his journey with OutSystems at OutSystems Brazil doing presales, proof of concepts, training and delivering projects. Now at DoItLean, He’s working for the APAC region and just accepted the challenge to build a delivery center in Asia and manage the team in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia.
Main contribution area: Forge. 

William is a Brazilian that decided to move overseas to the Netherlands some time ago. In Brazil he worked for insurance companies, banks, and other verticals. He is currently a principal consultant at LINKIT, responsible for leading and guiding team members and clients on the right path while using OutSystems.
Main contribution area: Blogs. 

Congratulations to the new 8 MVPs!

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Welcome to the team !


Pramod Jain

Congratulations to all of you :).

Congratulations everyone!



Welcome everyone.

Congratulation to All.

Configurations to all of you :)

Welcome to the family, folks!!

Congratulations to all.

Congratulations :)


Congratulations to all of you :)

Congrats guys, and welcome onboard!

Congratulations to all of you!

Thank you for the warm welcome. Let's keep working to make this community a valuable resource for everyone!

Congrats guys and keep up bringing the good stuff to the community!

Congrats to all of you! :)

-- Cat Martinez

Congratulations to all the selected OutSystems Experts  :)


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Congrats to New members and Warm welcome !!

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Congratulations to all.

Pankaj Jain

Congratulations to all new MVPs. 

Thank you all, proud to be an OutSystems MVP and be part of a great community! 

Congratulations everyone!

Congrats for you all!

Congratulation to All.

Congos to All.

congratulations to all...

Thank you all for the welcome words, It's a pleasure to join the team... Let's keep it rolling!


Congratulations to all of you ..

Congratulations to all , great work , keep up !!

Welcome to all and keep up with the good work.

Congratulations to all....

Congratulations all of you 

Congratulations, great professionals. 

Thank you for every contribution to the community, it sure helped me at some point or someone on my team.



Congratulations to all..

Thank you for your support.

Congratulations new MVPs!

Congratulations to all!!!

Our community is getting richer! Congratulations to all and excellent work!

so awesome! Welcome to our community and great work you all!



Congratulations to all! Thank you for your efforts and contributions to this great community.


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Congratulations to all of you.

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Congratulations everyone!

Great effort! Congratulations

Congratulations to All!

Congratulations!! Keep up the good work. 

Congratulations to you all!

Congratulations... to all MVP's.

Welcome to this awesome team!

I'm proud to see Caio and Rafael on this list. I had the pleasure to work with these guys.

Congrats to all!

Congrats to all.

Congratulations everyone!

Congratulation to All.


Congratulations, appreciate your effort

Thank you all, but the original post in this thread is from 3 months ago, not news anymore.