Editable Table - IF Widget Condition when editing a line


I'm looking to use an IF widget to show a combo box when editing a single line in an editable table and when not editing to show an Input widget. 

What condition can I use to check whether the line is being edited to then show the combo box?

The input widget and combo box widget are getting their values from different variables. The combo box value will update the input widgets value after being saved.

Hi Ryan,

You can check with identifier of the current item in the aggrigate. If it is nullidentifier show input else show combobox. Like this

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GetTests.List.Current.Test.Id = NullIdentifier()

Hi Riyan,

As per your post, I guess you are looking for an implementation somewhat near to what I implemented.

Check this: Demo App Screen

If this is what you are looking for, Let me know, I'll share the .oml solution with you.

Note: Department Column is having both input widget and combo box widget, which is shown conditionally using JS.


Benjith Sam