Does service studio work offline, and what is the data consumption per hour

Does service studio work  offline,  and what is the data consumption per hour

Hi Coma,

You can use Service Studio offline (depending on your definition of "use"), but it won't do much good. Everytime you want to reference something from another Module, you need to be online. If you want to Publish and run your app, you need to be online. It's not build to be offline (and in fact, will complain about being offline once you've connected to a server).

I don't know about the data average consumption, but it's probably quite big. You wouldn't want to have to use Service Studio over 4G, for example.

Hi Coma

As Service Studio is constantly communicating with the Deployment Controller to both download and upload it is best not not work offline. You'll be able to work on modules that were open before you went offline, but you wont be able to open any more modules, add new references or upload your changes to the environment until you go online again.

As for the data consumption, it really depends on the size of the modules you're working with.


   Carlos Lopez