How-to Configure the Agile Platform to Send Emails

How-to Configure the Agile Platform to Send Emails


The goal of this how-to is to explain how you can configure Service Center to send emails designed with Service Studio.

  1. Log into Service Center through http://<your-host-dns>/ServiceCenter.

    If you have installed the Agile Platform Community Edition in your local machine, use http://localhost/ServiceCenter. The default admin password is admin.
    Service Center Login
  2. Navigate to Administration > Server Configuration, set your server DNS and press Apply.

    The DNS you set here will be used to generate the links in the sent emails, so that when users click the links on the email, they are directed to the right host.
    Configure the Server DNS
  3. Navigate to Administration > Email, set your SMTP configurations and press Apply.

    Configure SMTP

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