OutSystems Arduino bluetooth for writting data

I'm completely new to OutSystems, so please don't judge me o_o'

So far I'm really enjoying working with OutSystems. I've never done an APP before, so this is completely new and overwhelming.

I am doing a project in which I would like to receive data via bluetooth from an arduino to a mobile app. However, I can't figure out how to do it (again, completely noob at this). Can someone explain to me how to get real-time data from an external bluetooth device, in order to make line charts in real time and save the data from the last days in the cloud?

I'm using Outsystems 11 btw... And bluetooth plugins do not seem to work, or maybe I just can't get it work



Hello Rita.

Welcome. You seem to have taken an interesting task for your first project!

Take a look on this plugin
and its sample.

I'm testing it now. It detects my laptop, but is having trouble finding my phones (even when paired manually).