How to check Chinese character(Traditional & Simplified) during Excel data import

Hi all,

I have create a screen for End-user to upload excel file, then click submit to import the excel, server action will loop each row to insert excel data into database.

The excel is about "New employee info", one of the column is "Employee Chinese Name", thus I would like to ask how to check the the string type of excel column is Chinese character(Traditional & Simplified) during Excel data import. Since I want to do some data checking before save in database.


Hi Jack,

I think there's two ways to go about this - checking Unicode values directly, or through regex. I don't think there's anything out of the box to get Unicode values in OutSystems, so you'd have to create an Extension and write code that would allow you to do it. You'd first have to identify the values for every chinese character you want to be able to recognize, and then cycle through every character on your string to see if there's a match.

As an alternative, there's regex - you can use names to refer to entire blocks of characters, so you could use "IsCJKUnifiedIdeographs" in your regex expression to see if there's any matches. This could be done entirely in OutSystems without having to resort to an Extension, using the Regex_Search action in the Text Extension:

Note that this group also includes characters used in other countries like Japan - this may or may not suit your needs.

Here's a test page with this regex expression.