instalation on other directory

i need to put all the data base information on other directory like D:
it is possible and how do i do this?

i´m looking in forums but i don´t see the response for my dougths.

Advanced thanks.
Hi Hugo,

What do you mean with "data base information"? Database (~SQL Server/Oracle) datafiles or Agile Platform files?

João Portela
Hi João,

well, my problem is that i have just a few kbytes free in my c: , so i want to move all that i can to d:

if it is possible i would like to install the agile platform in D: but i dont know how, so i start to move the database´s.
(in the weekend i research and view how to do that with detach/attach database´s)

thanks for you help
Hi Hugo,

An easy way of moving stuff from one disk to another is using symbolic links (in windows - junctions).

I'm assuming that you have installed the OutSystems Agile Platform, right?

You can create a "OutSystems" directory, for instance, in d:\, move stuff from the "c:\program files\OutSystems\" to "d:\outsystems" (in this step you'll need to stop the IIS and all the OutSystems services), and finnaly to create a junction from c:\program files\OutSystems\" to "d:\outsystems".

Basically everything still accessible through c:\program files\outsystems, but in fact it's located at d:\outsystems

Please let me know if you have any doubts.

João Portela

thanks a lot for your help!!

i will try this method and i believe this is the best solution that i have, other wise i can not use the agila platform.

Thank you again.

Best regards,

Hi Hugo,

Glad I could help.

best regards,
João Portela