Enterprise Manager - New Node

Enterprise Manager - New Node

Hi all,

I'm using Enterprise Manager.

But I need to create a Node to manage my advanced parameters of the app.

My question is,

I develop a page in my espace to do that stuff and then I create a node in Enterprise Manager who invokes that page?

I'm not sure about that

Can someone help me?

Hi all,

I solved the problem in any way. So now I have another question!

In Enterprise Managar I will create areas to Administrator configure the espace. My question is:

If I want to store the info in a XML file, where can I put this file?

Best regards
Hi Nuno.

If you want to put the configuration in a XML file, you'll probably have to read it and parse it yourself inside the application. If that's the case, you can put it anywhere you'd like, and access it using the File System extension. The paths it uses are absolute, if I recall correctly, so you can write it, say, in C:\temp, or any other folder you see fit.

However, since I do not know what your purpose is, let me make some more suggestions.

If you are going to have an XML file, if you want to always read it and automatically update the configuration, the performance will suffer - unless you manage to detect if the file as been changed, and only then would you read it and parse it.

If you are going to have to click a button in order to manually parse the file and import the settings, then I ask: why not create a setup screen for your application?

If you are going to do so to export the settings, why not store the file in the database and have a "Download Settings" link, that downloads the file?

I hope this helps - somehow!

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares