Demo's - your experience required


My Company has still not adapted the Agile Methodology. Instead we're using standard PRINCE2 project management method along with OTAP methodology.
Please bear with me as I explain the process:

1. End user files request for a project.
2. Request is being evaluated and if has a valid ROI and within a reasonably budget and resources , project is initiated
3. Functional Design (FD) document is filed by project delivery team
4. If FD document is approved by the business, further in-detailed Technical Design (TD) document is created by development team
5. If TD and FD meet project scope and budget, we can finally start implementation.
6. Post Implementation, eSpace is moved to Test environment for testing
7. When test is concluded, eSpace is moved for Acceptance environment. Functionality is further tested, this time by selected power users and on Production data.
8. at this point (assuming test has successfully concluded), the eSpace is moved to production

I was asked to write a process document which will focus on the Demo part.
Process should answer the following questions:
1. What should be presented in the demo?
2. When?
3. Where? Keep in mind some of our end-user resides on external offices (Online demo?)
4. To whom?

At this point I would like to gather your experience on the subject. Keep in mind my company for the coming future is not planning to change the process but maybe you can come with some winning arguments ;)


Hi Dror,

The demo is crucial for the success of the project. It is there that users will see their deas working and therefore will be able to give valuable feedback to the team that is focused on delivering what users want as opposed to what users may have specified in some document :)

From what I understood, your organization doesn't want to adopt the full agile process, but the fact that they're willing to adopt some practices is a good sign. If applied correctly, these practices may create the motivation to move forward with the goal of achieving even better results.

Regarding your questions about the demos...

1. What should be presented in the demo?
Every user story that is done, should be presented.

2. When?
At OutSystems, we do it at the end of each sprint, meaning, every 2 weeks. I'm guessing you have longer release cycles (since you're not using an agile approach), however I would recommend that you still them. Users may send a year writing requirements, but nothing is better than actually seeing/using them.

3. Where? Keep in mind some of our end-user resides on external offices (Online demo?)
Online demo would be an option. There are several technologies that can help you. Here are some examples (free): and

4. To whom?
To all stakeholders including some future users of the system.

Let me know if this would work out for you or if you have further questions.