I am receiving IPP error when publishing my app


I have developped an app in my personal environment and now I want to publish into my work environement but I am receiving IPP error. So when I create a .OML file of my app in my personal environment and then when I open this app in my work environment and then I try to one click publish then I receive IPP error inside my app on in my work environment. Can anyone advise how can I allow my app to be publish in my work environment, thanks.

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Hello Badar.

If you need to work remotely, you should have access to the company server. Here goes the general explanation. (warning: it is not very good to hear)

IPP prevents Intelectual property to be stolen. For a module you made to be used by someone else, you must make it public, by publishing on the Forge.

If you need help with a bug, posting in the forum also removes the IPP.

Both ways make the module public for anyone to use.

When we are talking about companies working together, there is a page to remove IPP (listed above) where one company asks OS to remove protection from the module. No need to wait for the second company to approve. But OutSystems logs that exchange so if there are ever conflicts, it can be traced back to a user.

This is not possible between PE and Enterprise.


1. If you have an Enterprise license, you can develop immediately there.

2. If you are upgrading from PE to Enterprise, OS migrates your content once.

3. This only prevents freelancers from doing stuff on their personal and sell it later to companies. What I usually do is for small things: I recreate the module. Usually doing things a second time they turn up a lot better!

If it takes too long... lesson learned. Next time you'll do it in the Enterprise. Or share it with the community instead of only your company. After all, you did it on your personal time.