[Microsoft Login Connector Reactive] Fail to work with MS Graph connector

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Published on 19 May (2 weeks ago) by Miguel Amado
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Published on 19 May (2 weeks ago) by Miguel Amado

I have successfully login with MS login Connector Reactive and then tried to make use of MS graph connector to get oneDrive. Unfortunately, no drive is returned. 

Please advise

Hi Jessica,

Can you give a bit more insight in the token that you pass. Please post the contents of the decoded (!) token in a reply. Decode with https://jwt.ms. The token is only valid for one hour and you can anonymize it's contents if you want, so it's pretty safe to do so. 

As for the API you are calling for the drive contents, what API do you use and what parameters and headers do you append to the call?



my token is decoded. 

{  "typ": "JWT",  "nonce": "sb3i84wpRAn7LLttpir1pO7BWrtciCMB2GJJZkjFhNo",  "alg": "RS256",  "x5t": "CtTuhMJmD5M7DLdzD2v2x3QKSRY",  "kid": "CtTuhMJmD5M7DLdzD2v2x3QKSRY"}.{  "aud": "https://graph.microsoft.com",  "iss": "https://sts.windows.net/e2241847-46e0-48ba-ae3e-1e7dc301d192/",  "iat": 1587636553,  "nbf": 1587636553,  "exp": 1587640453,  "acct": 0,  "acr": "1",  "aio": "42dgYGBf5+Vw7Vnj/NPOr1qlKkOydOaIvntyUmnBbcb1+gaa3ywB",  "amr": [    "pwd"  ],  "app_displayname": "Microsoft Auth for OutSystems JL",  "appid": "d39f7e6a-abf0-4a3e-9c56-b2776d873fcd",  "appidacr": "1",  "deviceid": "ed7a0ab4-b665-4026-bd96-ae546ad59f7b",  "given_name": "cpce_wie",  "ipaddr": "",  "name": "cpce_wie",  "oid": "e00a05f6-aaa1-4685-b2b0-3045d4ebbed6",  "platf": "3",  "puid": "10032000B54BC8E3",  "scp": "Files.Read Files.Read.All Files.Read.Selected Files.ReadWrite Files.ReadWrite.All Files.ReadWrite.AppFolder Files.ReadWrite.Selected Sites.Manage.All Sites.Read.All Sites.ReadWrite.All User.Read User.ReadBasic.All",  "sub": "NyrxDbUMCMPrzabj54XoLpeY19FK2d-XcX5WoTpo8Ho",  "tid": "e2241847-46e0-48ba-ae3e-1e7dc301d192",  "unique_name": "cpce_wie@kinetix.com.hk",  "upn": "cpce_wie@kinetix.com.hk",  "uti": "b9lhUJ9rO0C9H-9QWdcSAA",  "ver": "1.0",  "xms_tcdt": 1509613900}.[Signature]