New Shout-Out: Latest Forge Contributions

Great things are happening in these weird times. Every day there are new people becoming active and giving back the community and today I would like to lift up the amazing Forge contributions done in the last couple of weeks.

Kudos to everyone that is publishing new forge components and special thanks to the ones below:

Published 3 components

Published 2 components

Published their first component 

Is there something or someone you’d like to give a shout-out to? Leave a comment below and let everyone know!

(Note: based on data collected from Apr,1 to Apr,18) 

Nice :)

Hi Vera,

Thank you for making some highlights on this.

Good to see myself in this array.


Salman Ansari

Good job everyone! 

Specially the newcommers! Keep it up!

nice, good work!

Big Shout-Out to everyone! Keep 'em coming!

Great idea Vera,

Speaking of which: Rui Félix also published his 2nd component: PhoneNumberLib

Kudos to all makers! Keep them good components coming!

Keep Going!

Great job! 

Thank you for your contributions!

Keep going guys, good job

Good job guys!

Keep up the great work!

Well done team..

Keep growing the forge!