[Synchronization Lock Extension] Behaviour in multiple front-end environments

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Published on 25 Apr by Matthew Stokes
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Published on 25 Apr by Matthew Stokes

Hi Matthew,

Nice to see new people coming up with interesting components, good work!

How would this library behave in an enterprise environment with multiple front-end servers?

Since the dictionary is in-memory, that would mean that different front-ends would not have the same locks in their dictionaries, right?


Hi Jorge,

Thanks for the feedback. I believe you are correct and it is something I completely overlooked. Each front end server will no doubt have its own instance of the dictionary making this component mostly ineffective on a multiple front end server platform.

I will experiment with persisting the locks, I will lose some performance and I might just be pushing the problem further down (concurrently writing a lock in a table) but it will definitely solve the multiple front end server problem, and the limitation of the locks not being pervasive between e-spaces.

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.