Hello Community,

I am seeing the following entries in the General Log (Monitoring > General) of Service Center on my development environment.  Can anyone point me to documentation that will explain what is causing this?

Refreshing node status in <servername>
Deployment Refresher thread started in <servername>
Initializing Deployment Refresher in
Verifying if front-end server is active... in  <servername>
Preparing to deploy pending espaces:

This occurs at 35 minutes past each hour.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Karen,

I checked it out at one in one of our OutSystems environments, and it is also logged once an hour.

Why do you want to know what is causing it, it are informational messages logged by OutSystems, like there are many more of. Do you think there is a problem?



Thanks for checking your logs and confirming that you are seeing the same message.  That was so nice!   I was investigating performance issues and noticed the log entries.  Since a deploy and an undeploy are occurring hourly, I wanted to determine why it was occurring.   I don't think there is a problem, I just hadn't noticed it previously.