Custom App_Offline.htm

Custom App_Offline.htm

Hi there,
Is there a way to create our own App_Offline.htm
This is placed when an application is published.
At this moment it's the default IIS page with no layout.

Hi Joop,

Try the following:
  • Go to the directory 'C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\customHandlers'
  • In this directory there is a 'app_offline_template.htm' file
  • Change the file as you wish.
During the deployment phase, this file is used to "mark" the application as offline.

By the way, there is a OutSystems Agile Platform feature that makes the application available during the deployment phase. Follows the information about the feature:

Feature name: Hot Deployment
Feature description: Allows you to make new application versions available to the end-users with virtually no downtime nor loss of end-users’ requests. If not licensed, you may experience downtime in your applications during the publishing process, leading to the temporary loss of service to end-users.

João Portela
For multi tenant espaces the Hot Deployment also works?

Best Regards,

Hi Hugo,

Yes, Hot-Deployment also works for multi-tenant espaces. So, you should have no downtime in your multitenant espaces.

João Portela