How to use a Client Action as an Input Parameter to a block?

Service Studio 11

Reactive Web

I apologize if this has been asked but I wasn't able to find it. I was wondering how I could pass a client action to a block as an input parameter? I couldn't figure out how to set the data type to reflect that.

My goal is to create a block that has a button within it. The button onClick event should execute whatever client action is passed into the block as an input parameter. In this manner, I can create a reusable component that defers the onClick execution to the parent that is utilizing it. 

Hi Rodrigo,

Try to pass action name as text and use a Switch in button OnClick to execute action that defined in input parameter.


Hi Daryna,

Thanks for your reply! It seems i have found the solution. I was coming at this from the wrong angle so my search results did not get me what I needed. It turns out what I was looking for was Events. I found my answer here for anyone else wondering the same thing -

Thanks again!


Yeah, Functions or Actions aren't something you can pass in OutSystems, that isn't very low-code :). Great you found a better way of doing it!.