xml node extension.xml

xml node extension.xml

I am working with extension.xml-5.0.2.xif, but I'm having some problems.
How do you pick the description that is in the Node "nome_cliente".

Attached is my test application.
I hope that someone help me, because I am not able to resolve this.


Hi João,

You'll need to use the 'XmlElement_GetName' action of the 'XML' extension. 

The 'XmlDocument_SelectSingleNode' and 'XmlElement_SelectSingleNode' actions return .Net XML objects, so you need to use other actions like 'XmlElement_GetName' or 'XmlElement_GetInnerText (action that receive a XMLElement) to extract information for these XML obejcts.

I've also a modified version of your oml with the usage of the 'XmlElement_GetName' action.

João Portela
Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

I have not explained well. What I want is to pick the word "Teste". How can i do that?

<nome_cliente1>Teste</ nome_cliente1>


Hi João,

You can use action 'XmlElement_GetInnerText' over the selected Xml-Element. I've attached the modified espace.

João Portela
ok, already got,

thank you
Hi João,

Glad I could help.

BTW, basically the actions that have XmlElement in the start of the name receive XMLElement objects, and so on...

João Portela