Custom Taskbox for web and mobile

Hi, we are developing a module where we need workflow approval (Human Activity) for both Web and Mobile App. We decided to create a custom Taskbox using Advanced query referring to this article:

If we create a Purchase (Purchase Entity) transaction on the web and need approval on Mobile, we want mobile users to be able to check the task list (using custom taskbox), review, and can make the Approval process. But we couldn't find a way on how to expose the PurchaseId using the advance query, so both web and mobile users can Review the transaction first, before making Approval decision. 

Is there a way to achieve this?



Hi Henry,

Here are some links to help you with the custom task box:

The BPT task box is only available, (for now) for Traditional Web.

For mobile, you need to create a separate solution for the task box, as mobile does not support BPT, and therefore you can not assign a mobile screen to human activity for approval. For more information on the discussion of BPT Task box for mobile please read:




Hi, thanks for the answer