When trying to upgrade a module (selecting upgrade form the dropdown list in Service Studio) it leads me to the module in the forge. When I select 'Update' there, I get redirected back to Service Studio, but nothing happens. No popup / message or anything. Is this common or just part of the Service Studio 11 Beta?

I would uninstall the module, re-download and install, and update references.

Hi Johnny,

Once you are redirected back to service studio apps screen sometimes it takes time to show installation progress for the app. So you can wait for some time and you may notice update status like this.

Also after you click Update button do you see another step to confirm update/ force install. Please share if you are facing this issue while updating any specific component or all the components.

Hi Nikhil, I have seen this behavior before for some modules indeed: the module icon moves to the top of the screen and a progress bar indicates the update. It can take some time for this to occur. However, it does not occur for several modules (even after waiting for minutes).

I tried the latest stable service studio as well (not the beta) and behavior is the same.