User Exception


Hello all,

I've created an "User Exception" that was associated to a Error Page. The purpose is, show in the Error Page the User Exception Message...

My question is how to use it, because I only can get the exception using the "All Exceptions" Error Handler...

I can't set the User Exceptions to a specific type, just like(array out of bounds, for example).

Best regards
Hi Nuno,

If you want to throw a User Exception, you simply have to create an exception type under the User Exception (eg: InvalidAccountIdentifier)
When you then throw your user exception (InvalidAccountIdentifier), it will be caught by the User Exception handler (if you do not have a specific handler for the InvalidAccountIdenfier exception).

Read the Service Studio online help User Exceptions page and Handle Exceptions page to know more on how to create and handle user exceptions.

Best regards,

Daniel Lourenço