Roles associated with enterprisemanager

 Roles associated with enterprisemanager


Does anyone know how to export the roles associated with enterprisemanager?

Daniel Maia
Hi Daniel,

What exactly do you want to export? The Roles only? The Roles and the corresponding Permissions? Or the Roles and the Users who have them?

I suppose the easiest way to do on the followin:

1 - Simply extract the information  it from the database (SELECT * FROM OSUSR_a7l_ROLE should do the trick)

To know which Physical Table correspond to an EnterpriseManager Entity you can use the followin query (replace 'Role' with which ever Entity you need):

SELECT Physical_Table_Name
FROM ossys_entity INNER JOIN ossys_espace ON (ossys_entity.espace_id =
AND ossys_espace.is_active = 1
AND ossys_entity.is_active = 1
AND = 'EnterpriseManager'
AND = 'Role'

2 - Create an eSpace that references the EnterpriseManager entity ROLE and use the RecordListToExcel node to export an excel file with that information (read the Export a Record List to MS-Excel page in the Service Studio online help to know more about this)

Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço