Exposing rest with endpoint.com/person/{var1}/order{var2}


Is it possible to expose a rest API with the following structure:


Where the variables are on the tree structure of the endpoint itself?

As mentioned in some guidelines as resource oriented design:


Thank you & stay safe !

Pedro Abreu

Hi Pedro,

This should be possible, but it's easy to check? Did you try it at all?

Hello Kilian,

Yes, i do not see an option for such implementation.

Although we can specify the URL path, I do not see an option to have parameters as i previously described.

Again, this is about exposing an API, as for consuming it is possible.




But, it's exactly the same way possible for exposing. I don't know what you don't understand.

  1. Expose a REST API;
  2. Add a REST Method;
  3. Add an Input Parameter, set "Receive In" to "URL" (it should be by default);
  4. Put the Input Parameter in the URL Path of the Method, between curly braces.

That's it.


Hello Kilian,

Thank for such quick reply.

Wasn't aware we could have parameters here:

Thanks again, have a great week !

Pedro Abreu

Glad I could be of help. Happy coding!