Installing Platform Without EXE?

A consulting client wants to try tloading the Community platform on a dev server they rent from WebHost4Life, but the company doesn't permit executables to be run on the machines.<br />

They have .NET and SQL instances, but can';t run EXEs to install stuff.<br />

Is there any way to install the community platform (or higher) without running the EXE?<br />
Hi Jeffrey, to install the OutSystems Community Edition you will have to run the OutSystems installer.

Remember that the OutSystems Community Edition can be installed on a simple PC (you do not need a server) - see the system requirements at .

Best regards,

Daniel Lourenço

Okay, thanks Daniel.  This does need to be setup on a server to run demos and a pilot project, and we already have an account with webhost4life that I was hoping to use. It grants us .NET hosting and SQL 2008 machines, but they're shared machine virtuals, so no EXEs can be run on the machine/
Hi Jeffrey,

See the post How-to Install the Agile Platform Community Edition in the Amazon Cloud . This howto guide gives you a step-by-step explanation on how to setup an instance of the OutSystems Agile Platform in the Amazon EC2 service very easily (we already have an image of the OutSystems platform available that you can launch).

You will need to have an Amazon account, but as this is an On-Demand Windows small instance, it is fairly cheap and you only pay for the time the the machine is on (you can compute the cost here).

Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço