Refresh data for list of records

Hi all,

I am introducing sorting for some columns in a table and normally for refresh data we will be using aggregates but for me the output is coming from a server action. So I created a local variable and saved the server action output into that local variable and I used that local variable as source record for the table which I wanted to sort.

So for this sorting I created a screen action and in this I need to use refresh data but I don't have aggregate. So could pls help me how to do refresh data using a variable.

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Hi Sravan,

You don't have aggrigate but you have your local variable.

So just use ListSort server action from system espace which is actually working like refresh data in your case and then use ajax refresh to update the table.

you can make call AJAX on click of sort (your header) and use ajax refresh to refresh widget (your table) on server action like this: