Re : How to import information from excel file to a an entity?

Hi everyone,

I've exported information from a table in access to an excel file.

I've created and entity with all the fields of the tale in acces.

I would like to know how to import the information of the excel file to the entity?


Hi Nuno,

First of all welcome to our community. I hope you find all the answers you look for and that you help others as well.

In order to import the excel file you need to use the ExcelToRecordList widget ( 

If the excel structure doesn't match your entity definition you'll have to create a structure that maps to your excel file. Then you can iterate over the record list returned by the ExcelToRecordList and store that info into the entity.

Hope this helps you.


Hi Nuno,

You can also check out the that is part of the Developer Course I.


First of all, let me just say thanks to everyone is helping me.

Now, back to my problem....

Mário, i've downloaded the tutorial that you told me, but i'm having a problem with something.

In the point, 8.5, section C) Set the Excel to Record List 'Filie Content' property to binary .....

Where it says i should open the Expression Editor and Expand "Inputfilename1", under widgets, i don't have this option on my expression editor.....

Can someone explain this to me a litle bit better?

Never mind people, i've found my problem.

I was creating my "action" in diferent place, then i sould create, that's why the information wasn't showing.

Thanks anyway.
Hi Nuno!

Glad you sorted it out.

Let us know if you need anything more!

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares