I have a system for Staff login and enter the register for Visitor.

After always auto logout after few minutes. is it possible to disabled it? if can't, how to control to make it few hours later only logout?

Thank you

Hi Jing,

How are you performing your login action in your application?

Maybe you can use the Persistent Login:

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas


Thank you for your reply.

I am using the login which outsystems provide.

It is live already, i though it can go somewhere change?


Hello Jing,

Okay, so you're using the DoLogin server action from the Authentication folder, which calls the User_Login action from the Users module.

What is the value that you are passing in the variable RememberLogin? To use a persistent login, that value should be set to True.

You can check more info here:


Kind regards,

Rui Barradas


ok.. i changed the REMEMBERLOGIN to "TRUE" now.

then now set it 24 later only auto logout.

which one i need to set?

please find the attached file.

Hi jing tung wong,

If you have set your login as persistent, then the settings you need to consider are the ones in the Persistent Login Settings section. In particular, according to the documentation on the link already provided by Rui (emphasis mine):

The default duration of a persistent login session is 10 days in Traditional Web apps, and 30 days in Reactive Web and Mobile apps.
For Traditional Web apps you can customize this duration by using the supported Forge Component Factory Configuration and changing the Remember Login(days) parameter in the Platform Configurations Tab.
For Reactive and Mobile apps you can customize this duration in Service Center by changing the Max Idle Time parameter for persistent authentication.

What do those values mean? well:

  • Max. Idle Time is the number of days a user can remain logged-in on app that is online (needs to interact with the server to be functional) since the app last interacted with the server (after that period, operations that interact with the server will require the user to login again);
  • Cookie Expiration is the number of days a user can remain logged-in while the app is offline (after that the user is forced to go online and login again);

In your case, the configurations mean:

  • 30 days valid login for normal online operation of the app, after that login is required;
  • 1 year (365 days) valid login for offline operation of the app, after that login is required (and requires the app to be online)