destination activation code.

What is destination activation code. I am not sure what to include in IIP destination activation Code.

Hi Krishna,

While removing IPP for any application you have to enter the activation code of the destination environment where you want to install it after changing IPP.

Keep in mind this is only for the apps created on licensed environment and apps from personal environments can not be uploaded from one environment to other. IPP portal is not for these apps.

Hi Krishna Ghael,

The Activation Code can be found in Service Center->Administration->Licensing, and it is unique to your infrastructure.

If you want to use IPP, be aware that by default you cannot use it with Personal Environments:

  • You cannot export modules/applications from a Personal Environment (unless you publish them on the Forge for everyone to use)
  • You cannot import modules/applications from any environment to a Personal Environment.

You cannot use IPP when the infrastructure has enabled IP Protection as well.

Hope this helps!