How to clear listbox selections

Hi All,

Currently I have a listbox for multiple selections. I am able to select multiple values and filter them using session and string_join. 

The clearing for search filter works well when I first clear the selections by pressing 'Reset' button after I searched for the movies without navigating to any other screens. However, the problem is that the clearing part is not working if I searched for the movies and navigating to other screens before pressing the 'Reset' button.

Scenario is like this: First i search for the movies, search function works well.

Then, I navigate to other screen/refreshing same screen after I searched the movies. And now, the clearing part is not working when I try to press the 'Reset' button. The records retrieved and displayed are correct, but just the listbox selections are not cleared.

Any idea on this? Oml is attached for your info.Thanks.


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Hi. Have you tried adding a refreshajax on the listbox?