What is useful in Web and Mobile? Javascript or Jquery?

Hi All,

I would like to ask if what is commonly use or useful in Web and Mobile projects, JavaScript or JQuery?

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We can use both as per our need.

If you look in jquery component is having lots of ready-made component so that time jquery would be prefer but Reactive/Mobile simply use java script but we can also use as per our need jquery as well.
So in one line as per my though -BOTH

Hi Paul,

Although Salman is right you can use both, I would like to warn that for mobile applications JQuery is a relatively large library to load. JQuery became a success as it solved a lot of browser incompatibilities that nowadays are a lot less.

I would always advise you to try and implement custom javascript logic for Mobile applications using vanilla javascript unless it is to complex, and doing it using JQuery has a clear advantage or use case for you.