Issues using iframe in Test environment getting error message

Hi, I do have some issues with the iframe to reuse the web screen in mobile apps. I'm getting error msg when I click back button "Java exception was raised during method invocation". I'm getting this only in Test environment but its working fine in development environment. However, it moves back to previous screen but its shows loading . Please help to find this. Thank you

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Hi Valramathi,

I think you share little information about your problem for someone to help you.

  • Are the web screens you reuse build by OutSystems?
  • Are the web screens you succesfully access in development, also available in test?
  • Did you change the domain name of the webscreens to match your test environment?
  • Did you check Service Center for any additional error information?
  • Did you test this in the previewer, and check the browser console for additional information
  • Can you share code screen shot of what you try to achieve?
  • Can you make & share an oml in which this problem is reproducable?

So these are 7 questions I come up within a minute.



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Thanks for your reply Daniel!

I followed the guidelines which is specified in our outsystems to integrate my web screen into my mobile app.

This is my reference URL:

  • I reused the web screen which is build by OutSystem
  • The web screens can successfully access in development and Testing environment also.
  • Yes, I have changed the domain names at runtime using site properties.And I can get the values and verify it.
  • Im getting error message like "Java exception was raised during method invocation" in my screen and Error log also.
  • Tried to test in previewer, and check the browser console for additional information, but couldn't find the exact info.
  • I will add the oml shortly.

Thank you

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Hi Valarmathi,

Is your Test environment have HTTPS?

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Yes Salman Ansari

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Yes, it is

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No, Im still having this issue. Im using this iframe to integrate paytm page. if it goes in a positive way like processing payment successfully its getting back to mobile app without any issues. But Im getting issues when the process "Failure" and it keeps on loading and when  I tried to move to otherscreens Im getting this error and app crashed.


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Any solution for this error message?