Layout for displaying table data from list


I have a requirement where in I am displaying a data in table format by passing roleid in foreach loop.

The data is displayed as shown in the Image below.

Instead of this format I have to display the information as shown in the image below

Whenever the first column PexaID  in the first image is unique have to displayremaining details under it. I have the data in list format. Can the layout shown in second image achieved? which layout of the outsystems I have to choose from?

Thank  you,

Ramya S


Hi Ramya,

You can use the Accordion widget to use the same.

You can also refer the inbuilt template shown below:


Manish Jawla


Either you can use an accordion, or maybe you can inject some html on the last colunm and put a webblock with the information by PEXAID that will be displayed case the PexaId is not unique like you said.

Thanks to both of you. Used accordion widget and nested a webblock inside the widget. It works.

Your welcome Ramya. Glad to help you.