[Data Grid] Column of type GridColumnNumber show totals of selection

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Published on 29 Sep (2 days ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 29 Sep (2 days ago) by OutSystems R&D

Is it possible to have a sum of the selected number cell in a GridColumnNumber type?

For example show this in the Context Menu or somewhere else in the Datagrid.

So like below when I select 4 cells in the expenses column can I get the total of these 4 cells without copying and pasting it in Excel?


Hi Raymond,

can you check the below url and refer my screenshot below, it will show the total of selected column values.

You can find this code in DataGridSample oml.



Manish Jawla


Thank you ! Will have a look.....

I added the Selection/Sum but now my column headers disappear!

when i remove the Selection/Sum the headers are back....

Hi raymond,

Where you have added that column? inside grid?

I think you should keep it outside your grid like excel.

Please find the screenshot for reference.

it is outside my grid:

The column headers get their value from an aggregate which is filled in the screen preparation:

Hi Raymon,

you are using aggregate as data source for your data grid?

as far as i know, we need api to fill the datagrid and having output as json record?

can you share you sample oml?


Manish Jawla

It must have been a browser cache thing, because it is working fine now.

Thanks a lot !

Your welcome Raymond, Glad to help you.