More Agile principles in the Agile Network

More Agile principles in the Agile Network

Since there is a way for end-users to influence the activities to be executed in a sprint,
is there a way for the Outsystems Developer Community to view your Outsystems development backlog
and rate your development 'importance'?
Hi Eric!

You do have a point in mentioning that end-users can influence the activities to be executed in a sprint, but remember that with all projects, there's a specific end-goal in sight - and that goal hardly changes. You know that you're doing a CRM, a portal, or something, and then all new requirements that may enter throughout the development, they are mostly related to different ways to implement a more complete set of features related to that specific goal.

In OutSystems' case, each Platform version to be developed also has an established set of goals to be implemented, and the sprints are managed with which features need to be implemented or not, and how, for those specific goals. The backlog is managed by our Product Manager, as well as our Engineering team and a subset of our end user community - some of them are customers, some of them are developers, some of them are other users, depending on the purpose of the iteration.

That said, there is no formal way for the OutSystems Developer Community to view OutSystems' development backlog and rate its importance. That is not to say that OutSystems does not listen to what is requested - either through support requests or through the community. The feature requests sent through the support channel usually go directly to our Engineering team, and the ones posted on the Community are read by the team as well.

The team cannot, however, commit to which features will it implement, nor to dates, because, as I mentioned, the main features for each major release are usually set beforehand and few deviations to them happen throughout the development period. I hope you understand!

When covering maintenance, however, the team usually works on the issues that are reported, based on a prioritization that takes into account its severity and its frequency. However, the maintenance team does not implement new features into the product, its main tasks are usually related to fixing bugs or doing improvements.

I hope this clears it up. Best regards, and keep the feedback coming.

Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

Thanks for your reply.
It would be nice to get a view of your backlog so we know what changes are upcoming.

I've asked for this several times, but still got NO for an answer.... such a pitty :-(

Would be nice to at least vote for issues to be solved.

Even Starbucks is doing it for their coffee-shops,
Ok, point taken.

I've addressed this issue with the Product Management, and they're aware of the demand for such an interaction.

Let's see if something comes out of this - and in what shape...

We'll keep you updated.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

To reinforce Paulo's comments let me tell you that all the feedback and suggestions we receive from our users is taken into account and a significant part of that is actually implemented. In fact you may have noticed that, when 5.0 was released, we have replied to a series of posts which had feedback that was addressed with 5.0. As an example check out this one[[]Wish]-Find-and-Replace-Feature-Improvement.

On a personal note, and as a member of the Product Management team, I must admit that defining the direction and priorities for each next major release is a tough juggling act. We need to decide this based on which features will deliver the most innovation and competitive edge to our existing customers versus which will allow us to best capture new customers; which features will make existing developers more productive versus which will make the platform easier to learn and grasp by new developers; etc, etc. Once we have this defined we do follow a rather Agile approach in what regards the actual implementation of the features to reach the defined goals.

In any case we listen very strongly to our existing community of users. Currently we're doing it through the forums and through one on one interviews on specific topics but having a voting system is an idea we must also consider.

Regarding what's coming for the next big release we usually start to share this information only when have some level of confidence over the features and delivery dates.

In the last few releases this happened to coincide with our annual NextStep user conference. This one will be no exception so, if want to know what's next, you should join us at NextStep 2010 ;-) This will be a great opportunity to get a sneak peak at the upcoming 5.1 features.

This is it! Hope to see you in NextStep 2010 and keep posting. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
     Pedro Oliveira
Hi Pedro,

Thanks for your post.
I think this gives the community come understanding for that part.

Offtopic: Concerning the Find & Replace function; I'm not able to see the video's in that post.
Hi Eric.

The video is in the topic that is linked in the end:

I just went there, and the videos are still live, in youtube!


Paulo Tavares
Ah; that clarifies; Youtube is blocked by our proxy server. :(