Change attributes of a table

Outsystems Server Studio 11

The application you are trying to create is on the traditional web.

I have a window that presents me with the list of all existing projects, but the details of the columns do not correspond to what I want to present.
For example, in the column Responsible for the task I want you to show me the name of the person responsible for the task and not the specialization and the same for the task's executor. But I in the user entity just have:

The name that I want to display for the user is referenced by the User entity, how can I put the name of the person in charge of the task instead of his specialization?


And I have another question, this table has more columns than the ones I can present on the web page so how can I add a scroll bar?
I've been watching here on the forum and there are several publications of the code that applies but I didn't understand where I put this code for example from this post https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/42317/vertical-scrollbar-on-listrecords/ 

Can someone help me resolve both issues?


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Hello Diana.
You have two issues here.

First, the table only assumes the fields you want based on what you provide. It didn't saw and field Name, Label, or Description, so it picked the better text and considered it the label.
You can edit the query and join User with Utilizador.

On the second topic, you can edit CSS in the container around the table. I highlighted the key sections:

  1. Pick container.
  2. Go to Styles.
  3. Edit CSS: