Change who sees the layout


Outsystems Server Studio 11

The application you are trying to create is on the traditional web.

I'm trying to place the layout items restricted to the type of user logged in, but I'm not sure how I can do that.

For example, only the customer can see the customers page and when I click on the page through the layout, I must send the ID of that customer.

Does anyone have any idea how I can do this?


To limit who can see menus, you can use CheckRole action to see if the user has the right role and place the menu entry inside an If. The Menu is a WebBlock in Common.

To customize the Page, you can do a slightly harder condition.

In pseudo-code:

If it is a Customer, go to page Customer with parameter CustomerId set for GetCustomerId()



You can check Logged-in user if that user having Customer Role then show them a screen otherwise not.

If you have any issue then please share your example oml so that we can make some changes on it

In add to above information, you can see this Demo too.


put your tab/pages in a container  and in "Display" property check conditions with ckecCustomerRole(),CheckCLientRole().