[OutSystems Charts] Line Graph : XAxis data point is not align with data in the graph

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Published on 7 Sep (3 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 7 Sep (3 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D

On line graph there is a point to show data point on the line but it is not align to the point on XAxis.

In the picture, when measure the line from to of the graph (2020-04-07) down to XAxis it is not align on the same date (to line graph slide a little to the right)

Hi Sakchai,

Can you share a Module that exhibits this behaviour? It's impossible to tell what goes wrong without knowing your data series, x-axis formatting etc.

Hi Kilian,

Thank you for your message. Refer to my previous post, Dorine gave me the suggestion and it was caused by displaying of default generated Tooltip. When I do custom tooltip, the data display correctly and align with the date on X Axis (although it has a bit slide on the left side).

This is my sample data.

Actually "2" is in 8-April not 7-April but image on my post tooltip show "7-Apr"

After I use custom tooltip.

Tooltip display correctly

And when to check the value 0 the point of data is a bit slide to the left, not exactly at the horizontal line from the data on X Axis

This is just what I have found, and I have no any formatting on the graph leave it default except the font.

Thank you

Sakchai N.