List URL as a link and click action to a new window

List URL as a link and click action to a new window

I am very new in to this area actually into development also so please bear with me.

I have a webpage where I provide all the information to my team like all my development environments(URLS), Ports, Servers and other links like support etc.,

I am actually trying to see if I can present the same using Community Edition. I was able to list the rows on a List page and one of them was URL column. How can I make this column as a http link so when user clicks on it, it opens in a new window.

URL is typical one that I provide and nothing to scoop out of Agile complex making.

Typical URL is like this :


on my web page, I can present it like this so it appears as a clickable link and I can make it to open in a new window.

<td class="style64" style="width: 147px">
<a href="http://example/example/signon.html" title="Example" class="style107">EXAMPLE</td>

OutSystems :

how could I accomplish this in Agile?

I know it is simple for all of you Pros but I am a newbie. Thanks for your time.

You can drag an External Site to your flow, add a Dynamic URL to it, and then right click on the expression of the list screen and add a link to that External Site.
After this you just need to send the URL in the Input Parameter. To open the link in a new link just add an extended property with named target and with "_new" as its value:

Let me know if this was what you were looking for.

Tiago Simões


Awesome. Worked perfectly and exactly what I was looking for.

thanks again for your time and help.
Would be so nice if ExternalURL widget and the link widget could have a parameter for "target" :-)