Fill only one field on the destination page

How can I fill a field on a page with a name by clicking on a link to that page?

That landing page has a form and just wants a field (combo box) to appear populated.

For the destination, I'm sending the customer's id. But no field fills me.


Hi Diana,

Are you passing that id in your preparation query or destination action query for fetcting the data ? and also are you refreshing your query and control also? if not the do so.


Manish Jawla


The way I understood the question, you want a value to go from one page to the other.

You have used Ids as input parameters in several pages. This is similar.

You create a Parameter and assign it to the form on preparation.

Probably your form is a Get...ById so it will be like this.

(you can have more input parameters besides this one)