[File Viewer Plugin] Video preview for Android (MP4 format) and iOS (mov format)

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Published on 28 Aug by Experts
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Published on 28 Aug by Experts


Good day!

1. Can I check with you if the File Viewer Plugin can preview Android video (MP4) and iOS video (mov)?

2. Is there a demo sample on how we can pick photo/video from gallery and preview using the File Viewer Plugin?

Appreciate. Thank you.

Best Regards


Hi Darryl,

The plugin create a intent to open the File and based in the mime type, the operation systems of the device will ask to the user what application him wants to open the file.

You'll need to know the file path and use it in the properties of the OpenDocument action.

Kind Regards,


Thanks Leandro.

As I am selecting the photo/video from Photo gallery on the mobile device, are we able to select photo/video and use the FIle viewer plugin to create a preview like the following screenshot below?