Convert forms from legacy format to OutSystems?


I work with a legacy application that has lots of forms (some 300). I can export the form definitions in a machine parsable format.

My question: is it theoretically possible to write a converter that parses the old format and produces an OutSystems form stored in the OutSystems native format?

Note that I just want to get the controls moved over in a way that would be recognizable to the customer. I understand I would still need to add the underlying logic to get equivalent functionality in the OutSystems platform.

Hello Ken.

If you really want 300 forms:

You can bootstrap Excel into Entities. And from Entities auto-generate entry forms.

There is a bit of manual work importing one Excel for each form, but it is better than creating manually.

If you want one smart form:

The other option is to build a parser that generates a dynamic form and can be adapted to 300 sets of questions. It is a lot of trouble and not recommended for normal use cases. But you have 300 so anything you do is better than one by one.