Destroy all active session once password has been changed.

Hi All,

In my application if one user is logged in to two or more systems i.e for the one user if there are multiple sessions exist. In this case, If the that user has changed his password in one instance then the application should destroy all active session once the password is changed.


Hi Rohan, 

There is one discussion i have found that may related to your issue. Hope this give you a idea to solve your problem.


Hi Rohan,

There is no inbuilt feature in OutSystems which you can use to distroy all session of specific user. But you can definitely implement such scenario yourself.

Here is one compoenent available onforge which has similar flow implement. You can tweek to as per your need or use the same logic.

Hello Rohan Hanumante,

Can you check with the following links maybe it can help you (see, there is this Forge component that makes it possible to logout other sessions for the same User Id. Maybe by tweaking a little bit you can get it to work for other users as well.


And also check with this component its a mobile, but you can grab an idea from their, link: