course progress percentage is not increasing in an expected rate.

Hi Friend,

I am now doing my outsystem certification Iearning on Assocate WebDeveIoper .This is a very friendIy queston.I can see the progress bar in the top of the Iearning materiaI is not moving as I expected.Is it not just based on the courses given beIow that Iearning materiaI.I am Ieft to compIete onIy 11 more exercises but stiII I am running on 14 %. Can some heIp me know the reason.

Its working.

Could you please check in incognito window OR other browser

Hello Remya T

When you finished the particular course did you clicked "Next" or "I am Done" button?

Hi Remya,

Did you use the red button in the top right corner to go to the next video or exercise?


If you don't click next, it won't increase the percentage. In fact, it does not validate whether you see the videos or not, for each Next you do, it increases this percentage of progress.