Hi All,

We’re looking for advice: what’s the best approach for letting different service modules interact based on what other modules are doing. Eg module 1 ends a task and its output needs to trigger module 2. Can this be achieved without using BPT ? Thank you. 

Hi Wim,

You could maybe have a REST API on module 2 and call it at the of the task in module 1?

You'd have to explicitly add the call to the REST API at the end of the action that ends the task, which could be easier said than done...

Thanks Carlos, so would you recommend BPT instead ?

Hello Wim.

Are you talking of simply waking up actions like in timers?

I would do a single service with multiple actions listed. It can be a single method with Static id as a parameter to distinguish actions. If you need parameters, then create a method for each Action with the specific parameters.

This can also work with public Actions, depending on the layer they are, but a service is a better bet in the long run.