Change the color of radio button when selected

Version of platform and service studio-11


My question is I have used a radio button in the survey page and the users select the options to fill the survey.Then they send the answers back to the managers.As a manager when I see the selected answer then I want that the selected radio buttons color should be different other than the default.Also when the answers are received to the manager then the form is in disabled form.Please let me know how to change the color of the selected radio button?

Hi Divya,

You may use jQuery to give the different color to the selected radio button.

if ( $('.checkbox-option').prop('checked') )
    // change the color of the element
    var selectedClassName = $(this).val();
    $('.'+selectedClassName).css('color', 'green');

    // or, Append a new class to the selected element; where `selectedOption` is a predefined css class